Toxic People and Situations

We have all dealt with toxic people and situations in our lives. Some situations and individuals cause us more distress than others and can wreak havoc on our health and wellbeing if we allow them to. 

NEVER let these people or situations steal your joy or rob you of your self worth. When someone engages in immoral, unethical and just downright nasty behavior, it is a reflection of their character. Ultimately, God or Karma will be the judge and jury. It is not our job to pass that judgement. Your character will be defined by how you choose to handle the situation. Initially, we are inclined to lash out, that’s just human nature. We want to hurt those that have hurt us. However, when you take the time to really delve into the situation and realize that it is not you with the issues, but the other person, you begin to change your mindset and almost feel sorry for them and anyone who feeds into their twisted web of confusion and lies. You pray for their soul. 

I am not saying, by any means, that you should accept someone’s delusional behavior or twisted reality. I am not saying that you should allow their toxicity to infiltrate your life. What I am saying is that, if you are a person of faith, you should pray for them and those they have under their spell. You should forgive them for the emotional harm that they may have caused you, and you should distance yourself, for your own sanity and emotional wellbeing. (If you are not a person of faith, just learn to distance yourself from the negative behavior for your own health). 

*There are studies that show a correlation between holding on to hurt and anger to poor health, both physical and emotional.

Forgiveness, meditation, positive thoughts, and even prayer can go a long way in healing your damaged soul and heart. By forgiving, distancing yourself from toxic people & situations and letting go, you are allowing your body to let go of any anger or hurt and allowing joy and happiness back in.  🙂❤️

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