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First, let me tell you a little about me, then I’ll explain the website name.  My name is Marcy Dillon. I am a Certified Herbalist, Natural Living Educator, Holistic Wellness Consultant, Homeschooling Mom and Foodie.  I grew up in a fairly holistic household up until I reached adulthood, then I fell into the modern way of living (fast and quick pre-packaged food, medications, couch potato, indoorsy-type, who used chemical laden cleaners and personal care products).  I lived that way for almost 14 years and wrecked my health.  In 2009, a series of events set me on a new course that would forever change my life, health, and my way of thinking, Butterfield Sage was born and I began my wellness journey.

I am a happily married mother of 5 amazing children that range in age from 11 years to 29 years of age; four girls and one boy (he’s my baby). I also have two wonderful new grand babies and I have to say they are the most precious little girl and boy on the planet (I might be biased). As a homeschooling parent, I use every life experience as a teaching moment for my kiddos.  Their knowledge and wonderment of the world around them never ceases to amaze me.  My wonderful husband, Allen, and I have been together for almost 17 year and we are still just as crazy in love now as we were the first year we were together.   He is my knight in shining armor or my prince charming (either one would work). I am not exaggerating.  He’s pretty amazing and I am very blessed!!


Butterfield Sage is the name I chose for my work in wellness…why??  Butterfield after the Butterfield Stage mail route that ran through of one of my most favorite and calming happy places, the Guadalupe Mountain Range in west Texas.  Sage is an herbal switch from Stage, to reflect my herbalism background.

Thank you for visiting my website.  I hope my journey inspires you 🙂


Marcy Dillon

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