Young Living

YLSSWelcome to my Young Living portion of my wellness website!  If you are here, you’ve either heard me or someone else talk about the awesomeness of Young Living and their essential oils and essential oil infused products!

I started my adventure into aromatherapy almost 23 years ago when I was expecting my first child.  Not wanting to expose my unborn baby to unneeded medications, I opted to use Lavender essential oil to alleviate minor headaches and help me sleep better.  Once I became hooked, it just started to snowball from there.  Flash forward to 2012…That’s when I discovered Young Living and found so many new natural body system supporting oils.  These oils have made such a huge difference in our family’ s every day lives!  They have become part of our:

Everyday wellness plan
Natural non-toxic perfume and cologne
Part of our beauty routine
Non-toxic air freshener
Non-toxic home cleaning aids
To spice up the bedroom (wink! wink!)
…and so much more.IMG_5021

Until you have experienced, and I mean seriously experienced Young Living’s Essential Oils, you just have to take my word for it.  If you are ready to jump into the exciting world of high quality essential oils and aromatherapy, please click on the following link and join my team.  I am part of an amazing “oily family” known as the Sacred Oilers and Blessed Essence groups. Our group works hard for our team members to help them not only grow in their knowledge of essential oils but to also help educate others regarding the benefits of adding Young Living Essential Oils to their wellness plan. Not to mention awesome giveaways and classes. I am always willing to visit with my team members one-on-one at no cost to help them reach their wellness goals!