How do I balance it all? Homeschooling? Work? Preparing healthy meals? How do I keep my sanity?IMG_8685


I just do.  We make shopping a learning experience and the kids are learning more about healthful living every day.  We get outside, learn and experience the world.  When they are completing their studies, I am completing my continuing education (I never stop learning). We have eliminated most toxic substances from our home. The kids are always conducting experiments with greener cleaning supplies that are safe for all of us plus our house full of furbabies! My daughters and I have successfully removed toxic chemicals and products from our personal care products, opting to make our own makeups, shampoos, and lotions.We also use a soap free method for cleaning our skin with just a wash cloth infused with colloidal silver that gets us squeaky clean and eliminates toxic soaps (Ask me about where you can get these awesome cloths and so much more!)

Preparing meals can be a challenge, but we make it fun by working together. We laugh, sing, learn and enjoy what it is to be a family! We rarely use the microwave, but our blender and steamer are our best friends.
I IMG_8244am blessed to be able to work from home, so my hours are not typical AND, I get to travel (kids get to go too because our classroom is mobile. Yay!).
At bedtime, I get to cuddle up to the most wonderful man in the world and recharge for another adventure filled day.  We fill the diffuser with our favorite essential oil of the day (Ask me why I have a favorite brand and I’ll be more than happy to tell you all about why I only use one company. I would love to share my testimony with you if you’re interested. I’ll even show you how you too can benefit from the oils my family uses), turn on either one of our solfeggio guided meditation applications or our Naturespace application, turn out the light and go to sleep.  I usually don’t make it through the introduction before I’m sawing “Z’s.”

I am blessed to have such a simple and wonderful life! :-)